We would like you to read some of the articles that we have listed below. These articles share different points of view from other organizations. The one thing the articles have in common is the PAL PHILOSOPHY.

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1) 10 Recommendations to reduce youth throwing injuries - By Joel Novak - EliteBaseballPerformance.com - **CLICK HERE**

2) Playing one sport year-round isn’t smart, even for kids who want to go pro - By Fred Bowen - The Washington Post - **CLICK HERE**

3) The Race To Nowhere In Youth Sports - From: John O'Sullivan - Changing The Game Project - **CLICK HERE**

4) 3 Reasons for Tee-Ball Struggles - By: Brett Klika - **CLICK HERE**

5) How Soon Should Kids Focus On 1 Sport? - By: Lou Schuler - **CLICK HERE**