Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the PAL fields located?

Depending on the sport and the age level, games may be held at various locations. Contact your coach or PAL directly.

My child wants to play on his/her friend's team. Can we do that?

For children ages 5-8 this isn't an issue. PAL wants to accommodate everyone as much as possible. If you want to ride share with a friend or neighbor or your child wants to be on a team with a favorite friend, if you want the same coach as last year or if you want to just experience the great family, friendly atmosphere of PAL sports with some close to you just request it in writing on the application form. For children above age 9, PAL holds an assessment program to assess the skill level of all the children so that we may divide the talent equally amongst the teams so all the teams can compete equally without one team being stronger than the rest. We call this team parity.

I have multiple children who want to play PAL sports but, I can't afford to pay for all of them.

Not to worry. Norwich PAL gives families the opportunity to participate in our fundraiser program to reduce the cost to the parents and PAL also offers a maximum family payment as noted on our application form. Norwich PAL does offer a scholarship program for those who are in need. Contact PAL or any board member for details on how to apply.

What is Norwich PAL?

Norwich PAL is a volunteer organization dedicated to children. The goal of Norwich PAL is to teach our participants and their families to engage in clean, fair, developmentally appropriate competition that promotes individual character, sportsmanship, and teamwork, and to encourage life-long activity in sports

My child is eight years old. What basketball league will he/she play on now?

The Norwich Recreation Department offers a basketball program for youngsters ages 8-18 where equal playing time allows each child to continue to develop positive basketball skills.

I live in another town other than Norwich, but can my child play a Norwich PAL sport?

Yes. Any child that meets the age limit is eligible to play in any Norwich PAL program as long as you are willing to travel. Norwich PAL currently has children traveling from as far away as Niantic and Voluntown.

My child is 14 yrs old and is in the eighth grade can he/she play soccer?

The PAL organization will allow children who are over the age limit for Senior League Soccer but is still in eighth grade to play.

My child is in the ninth grade, didn't make the high school team, and has a late birthday so he/she will be 13 through the soccer season. Can he/she play PAL Senior League soccer?

No matter what grade you are in, as long as you fall within the age limit, PAL will allow you to play at that level

I want to coach, but have no experience. Can I coach a team?

Norwich PAL welcomes anyone who wants to help our youngsters develop skills and confidence. We offer basic sports training and sport specific training for everyone who volunteers to coach.

I own a small business and I want to sponsor my child's team. Can I do that?

Sponsors help defray the high cost of our programs and we are always eager to find new sponsors. If you want to sponsor a specific team or child we can manage that as well. Sponsorship comes with many benefits and you can learn what they are by clicking on the sponsorship button in the navigation bar. If you are interested in a sponsorship and have questions please feel free to ask any board member or leave a message, someone will get back to you.